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If you have a costume request for Intercon, please list:
Time Slot
Specific item OR
Costuming hint

If you have the following to lend and think it might fit me, I'd be obliged:
Any 1700s dress of relative classiness
Port Hidalgo
Saturday night

NOTES: If you're borrowing costuming from me, unless you are significant travel distance away from me, (like, over a 45 minute drive), then I expect you to make an effort to pick the costuming up at my house before the con. My luggage last year was ridiculous.

If a piece is being borrowed by more than one person, the person who needs it first must pick it up from my apartment in Somerville. Unless you're coming from really far away. If the piece is particularly small, I may make an exception and agree to pack it.

If you're borrowing something from me, I need you to return it as soon as your game is over, in case someone needs it for the next game.  If you're the last person borrowing a costume, I may ask you to return it to my house instead of at the con, because again, luggage. If you are returning it to my house, I expect it within a week.

If you can't work within those constraints, I may not be able to help you.

EDIT: Because it seems this wasn't clear: 

NON-LOCALS ARE EXEMPT FROM THE PICK-UP/DROP-OFF EXPECTATION. (I'm not shouting, I just want to draw your eyes to this first and foremost.)

If you live far away and want to request costuming, I will not make you pick up from or return to my house. I may not be able to bring the item you want, if it takes up a lot of room (like a large or oddly shaped prop that will not lie flat in my suitcase), but if you are requesting an item of clothing, or something that folds flat, I will bring it.
The pick up/drop off rule is for locals. Last year I packed a lot of clothing for people who lived in the Boston Metro area. If I had only packed stuff for the people who were far away, I would have had a lot more room in my suitcase.

I still need you to return the item to me directly after the game though, or at least before the next game period begins.

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