Nov. 7th, 2011

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Dear friends,

Once upon a time I played in this game called Stars of Al-Ashtara, written by the same intrepid team who brought us Redemption, Elanthia, and who are soon to bring us Venezia.

Stars of Al-Ashtara was the first LARP I've played in that was set in an Arabian Nights setting. And oh, what a LARP. Plots! Intrigue! Danger! Romance! Wonders! INCREDIBLE production values! There was a whole bazaar of tents set up, there were lighting changes as the time of day changed, it was lovely, I adored it. There is so much else I want to say, but I don't want to spoil anything.

Here's the blurb from their website,

Just beyond the next dune on the Eastern horizon rises the gleaming city of Al-Ashtara, renowned for its exotic wares and exquisite tastes. There are whispers, however, that the Caliphate might be starting to unravel - a fact which has not escaped the notice of those who wish to take advantage of the weakening rule. Friend and foe alike cast their eyes towards the night skies, looking to read their destinies in the stars...and perhaps find the means to change their own fate.

Enter a world where allegiances shift like the desert sands; where the schemes are as intricate as the silks; and in the bustling marketplace, the only thing more elusive than the sweet smell of incense on the desert breeze is the band of thieves slipping between the merchants' stalls. The Stars of Al-Ashtara illuminate the enchantment, mystery, and danger that await you in an Arabian bazaar-where everyone has a secret.

Stars of Al-Ashtara is a traditional theater-styled larp of intrigue, romance, politics, secrets, wonder, danger, and more that brings together people of all walks of life in a setting that becomes more dangerous under the shadows of night.

Well, Stars of Al-Ashtara IS RUNNING AGAIN! At Brandeis, on Sunday, December 4th from 3-7pm.

If you're itching to get your LARP on, if you missed this the first couple of times round, if you aren't sure you can wait until Night 1002 at Intercon to wear your favorite harem pants, then please go sign up for this game. I had a pretty freaking amazing time, and I have loved every game this team has written.  Hell, I'd play it again if I could.

Sign up link and more info on the setting here:

Please feel free to repost all the places. I am going to crosspost this to the Brandeis LARP LJ Comm as well.


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